St. Peter’s Square? Who is Peter

Who is Peter

These facts create a whole set of issues and question for the Christian Church and what they are teaching in this world today, for now, we will stay on the question of who, why or what is Peter. Looking at the what possibility of Peter one has to ask, could he be one of the offspring from a mixture of the daughters of men and the sons of God?

If he’s the offspring of giant’s mix with man, what do or would we call it or him? Human? And if he is a mixture of God blood sons and man, what would this type of being be known as? Would they have of power of God or the power that Jesus displayed while here on earth?

Could any of these possibilities be Who or What Peter is? Getting back to what is written knowing the question as to why will arise shortly. The next interaction that we will look at from the Wholly Bible offers more insight and thought. If we can think of why we might answer the question of who as we look more to the relationship between Jesus and Peter. Peter who used to be known as Simon and called Simon Peter and now known as a disciple of Jesus Christ, the living, physical Son of God.

Just who and what is Peter, really? Did Satan get to Peter in the same manner he had tempted Jesus Christ? And that be the real reason he was crucified upside down? Was peter set to betray Christ from the beginning? In John when Jesus is washing the feet of the disciples, In the 6th of St. John verse chapter 16 written in black ink from the King James Version of the Christian Bible that tell us Jesus came to Peter, it was his turn to have his feet washed by Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ had washed the feet of his disciples as a sign and with meaning he had not yet spoken of to any human ear and would be passing something through his disciples he what through this action this is the chance Jesus has to get in touch with the spirit of Christ, for Christ to bound with his fellow man friends, students, his inner circle of true and loyally trusted disciples and Peter replied, according to the King James Version of the Christian Bible, “dost thou wash my feet”?

Asking Jesus, the Christ if it is his intent to wash his feet next after watching what he had done for the other disciples. Jesus answered Peter in verse 7 of chapter 16 saying, written in red print, “What I do thou knowest not now: but thou shalt know hereafter.” What was Jesus trying to say to Peter? Was this a test or a blessing?

These two in some ways seem to interact like siblings. If Peter is a decedent of the children of the daughters of man and the sons of god, would that make Jesus and Peter siblings? Or are they showing family issues in the Bible that are a matter of loyalty and pride rather than faith and belief and the knowledge of another fact or truth mankind know nothing about?

He, Jesus has already referred to him. Peter as Satan, what is this leading to? This seems to be the time to hold your seat for what is said by Peter in verse 8 of the King James Bible where Peter said, in black text “Thou Shalt never wash my feet” What is this? Doesn’t Peter know his talking to Jesus the Christ? Is this a show of Pride between known siblings?

The true son of God! Jesus Christ tried to let him know the consequence of non participation when he said to Peter, Written in red print, “If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.” At this point there are too many question to begin a straight thought. One fact we get from these writings is that unless Peter submits he can heaven known part of Jesus the Christ which means he cannot take place or be a part of the plan that God gave to Christ to fulfill. Do they know each other?

If Jesus knows this is Satan or an agent of Satan, why is he in his company of trusted disciples? What and Who’s plan is this? Who would know of God’s plans for Christ and make it their work to stop him from the completion of God’s plan and the task of Christ? Is this person as the scripture portrays him, the rock the Christian Church is founded? As a reader it is hard to understand why Jesus kept Peter around.

This is Jesus we are talking about, the son of the all-knowing God. Does God the Father just let Jesus know things a little at a time leaving him unaware of the presents of evil? Jesus Christ knew that he would be betrayed and he knew who and how they would betray him. Christ demonstrated this when he disclosed his knowledge of betrayal and plan to betray and the betrayer to the betrayer before the betrayer had a chance to betray him.

Who are these people really? Who is around The Christ? Was this all a setup from the beginning? We will find out as we continue to search the inspired word of God, written in The King James Version of The Bible. We will continue to post these writings for those who are interested. Once again.

Thanks for reading and Stay Safe and Be Blessed.





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