CHRISTIAN FAITH and the Bible/Who is Peter

Readers Twist

A Quick review for you. At this point we are going to add a readers twist. What was just read were questions and thoughts now the readers twist is when the reader, in this case, you, take the opportunity to lookup and research for yourself the possible connections and possible conclusion to facts of history not put together but stand out never the less as to what you heaven read here based on what was written and is still being continually taught by the Christian Church.

Turn to Genesis chapter 6 verse 4…

The Inspired Word of God

What did Jesus teach the disciples that they did not share with man? Is there more to us than what we see, hear and have been told? Or are we part angel or God, part giant, part myth? These are just a few verses with questions for the Church. It may be a good idea to write down verses that you have question about and take them to a Church authority to see want direction you are sent in/or to for the answers?

Keep in mind the leaders of that church may not want the layman to over stand or…

CHRISTIAN FAITH and the Bible/Who is Peter

It is the hope that the information provided in these writing will shine light on what has been hidden in plain sight yet still not totally over stood. We will look at the instruction on how to pray for the answers to the questions that arise form these reading. It starts like this.

Verily I say unto you, they have their reward. But thou, when thou pretest, continuing in verse 6 of the King James “enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in…


Who are these people around Jesus Christ? Why would the people he trusted the most be the one’s he must watch the most. Was this the plan of God, to surround his son with those who would betray him? To build a church he did not want or need to teach the people he chose? We will continue to look at this as we look deeper into Peter.

One of the twelve disciples call Judas Iscariot went to the chief priest and told he would deliver Jesus the Christ to them. After traveling with Jesus Judas knew of his going…

Heavenly View

To be an offense is to be an offense in the here and now as well as in times of old. The written word is the written word after all else is said, read and done and in some cases research. We will not find the kind of answers that ease that soul, mind or spirit of a future Christian or someone who is looking to belong to an organized religion to want to join this flock. This is not to mention the millions of lifelong generational follows feel when they encounter the written word as it is written.


St. Peter’s Square? Who is Peter

Who is Peter

These facts create a whole set of issues and question for the Christian Church and what they are teaching in this world today, for now, we will stay on the question of who, why or what is Peter. Looking at the what possibility of Peter one has to ask, could he be one of the offspring from a mixture of the daughters of men and the sons of God?

If he’s the offspring of giant’s mix with man, what do or would we call it or him? Human? And if he is a mixture of God blood…

Looking deeper into Matthew we find in chapter 16 and verse 18 of the King James Version of the Bible also in red-letter print Jesus making a statement which said from the written words of Jesus Christ “and I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church.”

These writings of the words from Christ are in red print but do not seem to go along with the ideas or principles mentioned earlier in the writings from the book of Matthew. These are question that heaven a big impact on people’s decision…

CHRISTIAN FAITH and the Bible/Who is Peter

A deeper look

Next we are going to get to some points that seem to make a difference and at the same time make no difference in the creation of the Christian Church itself, but do bare review by those with the belief, Faith and Practices thought by the Christian Church and some of the main points in the Christian Religion.

In the book of Matthew

There are words of Jesus Christ himself, highlighted in red print in the King James Version. These teaching of Christ let it be known to all that read and heaven eyes that see just…

CHRISTIAN FAITH and the Bible/Who is Peter

CHRISTIAN FAITH? and the Bible/Who is Peter

People have been questioning the Christian faith since the beginning of religion by other religions, faiths and practices. The writings of the Bible has left many unanswered question from where we the first humans to are we here alone. Nowadays with the information being more available to the layperson, even some Christian are beginning to question the church as it stands. They cite the lack of clarity as it applies to the scriptures and transparency of the motives of its actions and inaction.

Many true believers have turned to the bible more and…

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