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Lyrically Written Insightful Introduction-nal Invite

Narrated and Produced by K’ Lai Rivera Available on i-Tunes, Amazon and Audible

Hello and Welcome to part two of my introduction to you. To day I am going to give you a preview of on of my Books listed on Amazon and converted into an Audio Book, Produced and Narrated by the Voice with many characters and styles Ms. K’ Lai Rivera. The word is vibrating meaningful verbs is the title of this work, where the chapter and verses continually support the title and the fact that words vibrate knowledge and verbs hold wisdom.

Please enjoy these writing as the author engages the audience to review the material and ask the question, Who is that producer, Would you like to guess. The Word is The Word Vibrating Meaningful Verbs.


Who is that producer? carving the new future, brain waves out move Lex Luther, pure vibration will undilute you, original frequency always rings true, when it comes together, to uplift and inspire you.

Who is that producer? Megatron with the bomb rhymes to invite you, writing ying and yang messages to entice you, mission statements geared to drive you, universal elements are here to protect and provide for you, with the key of life, hidden deep inside you.

Who is that producer? Q- did expose symphonic flows, educating new producers to subsonic blows, crafting art with instrumental parts, creating amazing tones and sounds, the chosen few can be found when the producers in town, those who have an ear let them hear, providing the positive keys to the secret door inside of you and me, one elemental path to be free, universal signals buried deep inside our mind, waiting to be awakened by the tones within the rhyme, let’s take this time to make this point clear, while you’re here, this producer is 800 never fear, falling down and building from the ground up, moving up, filling cups, gaining from the rear.

Who is that producer? mind influencer, peace inducer with spiritual maneuvers, creating sounds, tones and vibes designed just to include you, help you over stand the keys, to these frequencies to that hidden door few have explored, this is set to provide a guided ride, by that producer with the masters tracks, reprogram the masses how to act, showing style with a smile, walking tall blessed for all to see, prepared to withstand a fall while processing the important call, answering the tones with true transformation with a predestination, using the producers universal keys to pure restoration, the message is embedded and stays in your head, pied piper weaves instruction in the beat for those who red, when the producer brings the gunline in order, walk the gunline from Ohio to Florida, always make that pit stop a Georgia. all the time helping people to adore you.

Who is that producer? Creating tones and sounds now have become business, all mixed up with all kind of nonsense, making people think this all is progress, while the forming mind reed this all as regress, lost the way, now look elsewhere for protection, songs project bazaar subjects that activate action the sound tones reflex, with all due respect, that is not the project, this producer use keys with tones designed to set one’s mind free, to over stand higher vibration of frequencies. James Brown sang Please, Please, Please. Made you feel his point and then hit his knees. For some, relating music, sounds and tones becomes a natural progression, others must fake the funk re-created the punk, all this the producer will debunk.

Who is that producer? throwing polish on that act, while the producer finish tracks, sync’s the links from the natis to Florida, making a few stops and one full day in Georgia, the pied piper strikes without a fight, traveling safe through the night, help make your fan base adore you, with the producers keys your fan base will see the growth and truth inside you, the billboard spots for real, new deals will now surround you with trills, confusion will come dressed to kill, the producers work is almost done, there is no need to run, the producers about to have fun, producer conquers the force with the original source, you must stay on key with the producer frequency. Walk the gunline with sonic protection, pure vibration replied rejection and replaces it with positive images of helpful reflection, leading the chosen few to their proposed destination.

Who is that producer? Searching the hood for the talent of the one hundred and forty four thousand, the chosen generation setup with a mouth full, their skill level is excitingly insightful, the presentation honestly delightful, musical fills that pays the bills, leaves the haters alone to shine their grills. We do not believe because we know how to conceive, and bring proception to reality with affection and perfection, over standing the new direction. Can you figure out what is in this projection?

Hello o, who knows or can guess the answers to that question? Fun to think about ha?

Narrated and Produced by K’ Lai Rivera Available on i-Tunes, Amazon and Audible

Now the author will try to get the audience to smell a color. That is right, think about it, does a color really have an smell? THE SMELL of RED

Red is a color that is bold and exciting, if used in correctly it can become somewhat frighten, to over stand it’s force will be truly enlighten, with an aroma that is able to activate and energize us, this is a space to share with only people you trust.

Red is a symbol of passion, love, beauty, danger and good fortune from above, create this atmosphere with the people you love. The smell of color has the potential to increase blood pressure, we all know this could be fatal yet most old men consider the sensation of pleasure a treasure, it will start your heart beat and pulse rate to rise, watch the old become young, before your eyes, this smell is true and also can stimulate the appetite to, there is so much more that the vibration of read can do.

Red is a call to action, it carries a strong impulse to have satisfaction, having a transitory effect on boosting energy levels that guide people’s reactions, more energy from source energy, where the supply is abundant and free, a smell that is more resourceful, more forceful and more enthusiastically said, there are many reasons to love the light sound and smell of what we call red.

When you see red, can you tell what life is cooking, will it be good fate or bad ills, or will you meet someone good looking, Red is a bridal color in Hindu, Islamic and Chinese cultures, their natural feel will not attract busters, a symbolic Sign of beauty and romantic love in many parts of the world, Red is simply symbol of love to the boys and girls, unlocking secrets of lifes treasures and pearls, keys to the universe and the rest of the World, control the vortex around you spinning in its continuous swirl.

Colors and scents provide non-verbal communication, simple symbols and signs recognized by many of the world’s nation, yet in many cases it does not change their relation, beautiful locations and sights to see. Yet not a place you want to spend time on vacation, when most of their people are not free, When we encounter a scent in a particular context, it is a symbol or sign we need to learn and respect, because an association with color, sound, flavor, taste or texture can be formed. Could this be one of the tools used when the earth was born.

A study looking at the cultural associations between color and smells revealed, some people are confused about what they think, and how they feel, that people from various countries largely agreed, red is not strong at all, they say that red smells a little fruity, smells associated with flower scents, appropriately pairing with red with the color of pink, just wanted to add that little piece of info, to make you think.

Red also has semiotic associations with courage, sacrifice and some political connections, depending on who’s in charge, may give you insight on the new social direction, this has led to many revolutions and uprisings, how some misuse elemental power is never surprising,

Red is a color of protection, good luck and fortune in several Asian nation, this is what is said to guide their relation, In Buddhist teachings, red was said to have emanated from the Buddha, when he achieved nirvana, he learned life’s solution. You must Step away from the phycological pollution, it only matters if you want to live life, with a happy conclusion, reverse your resolution. Incorporate your constitution.

Let me know what you think of my writings or the production and narration of my written words to an audio book, or better still, a purchase of one or the other or both will really let to know how you feel and where my support is coming from.

Thanks in advance for your interest and blessings be upon you.

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